A very exciting moment for us at the beginning of every season is when we can announce our Crews. It is not an understatement to say that our Crews are outstanding and it is a privilege for us to work alongside so many talented, well qualified people, who are passionate about what they do and care so much for the enjoyment of our guests.

Chris, Rob and James return to Skipper our vessels every year.  They set the quality standard for exceptional life on board for our guests and crew. They know everything there is to know about managing our vessels at sea, all the best places to take our guests and where to find the wildlife.

Our Wildlife Guides are chosen because they are the best around for knowledge of the Hebrides and its wildlife. We fit our calendar around their availability to ensure all cruises have a highly qualified Guide. We are delighted to have Lynsey, Nigel, Alexa and Georgina back with us for 2019 and look forward to having Will and Cathy join the team.

Our Chefs do an amazing job providing gourmet meals for our guests, freshly prepared, from a ship’s galley. Caroline and Peter are back with us for the new season with Morag joining us for her first season. All our Chefs provide delicious, but healthy, meals full of flavour, using the amazing produce available on the west coast of Scotland

Our Bosuns ensure that every detail on board is perfect for our guests. At the same time they assist with the running of the vessel and trips ashore, and are a fount of local knowledge.  We are delighted that Craig is back with us for 2019 and that Lynsey is happy to take a spell as Bosun on a few cruises too, with new crew members Pauline and Amy completing the team.

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