We have another exciting new wildlife cruise itinerary for 2020! On their travels throughout the Hebrides, our Skippers and Crews gather knowledge and experience about the behaviour of the different species; where they are likely to be found and at what time of year.  Our crew members are all passionate about nature conservation and wildlife. They share their experiences with each other and are just as delighted as our guests to spot animals while cruising. It was one such recent discussion about the whales that can be seen in late summer in the Northern Minch that sowed the seed for our latest new addition to our cruising calendar. The Minch is the Atlantic sea channel between the Outer Hebrides and the North West Highlands of mainland Scotland. It is usually named North Minch or the Northern Minch to differentiate it from the Little Minch between the Inner Hebrides and the southern area of the Outer Hebrides. The Northern Minch is full of life, in particular cetaceans and seabirds and August is a good month to visit when many species are passing throught

Our new 10-night cruise “Whale watching in the Northern Minch” departs from Oban on August 15th 2020 aboard Elizabeth G. The particular rare cetaceans we are hoping to see in the Northern Minch include humpback whales, fin whales, sei whales, pilot whales, orca, Risso’s dolphins and white beaked dolphins. We will be on the lookout for Minke whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and porpoises throughout the cruise. There will be many sea bird species to spot including Manx, sooty and great shearwaters; storm and Leaches petrel and great, arctic, pomarine and long tailed skuas. Potential stopovers include the Summer Isles, Handa Island & Sea Stack, Loch Laxford, Loch Nedd, Kylesku, the Badcall Islands and Stornoway. This cruise really will be the trip of a lifetime, with our specialist vessel and crew, ensuite cabins and fabulous food as well as the chance to see amazing wildlife.

As always, all our sightings will be reported back to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. To find out more about the species we hope to see, have a look at the excellent species index on the HWDT website

This cruise will also be available on two dates in 2021. Find out more about “Whale Watching in the Northern Minch” 10-night cruise