We have two new “Far-flung Islands” cruises for 2020 to celebrate Scotland's "Year of Coasts and Waters".  Our “Far-flung slands” series of 10-night cruises are designed to access the most remote, evocative and idyllic islands of the Outer Hebrides and the far North West of Scotland. Our vessels are built and equipped for a safe and comfortable sea journey, complemented by excellent hospitality onboard; the perfect combination of adventure and luxury at sea. These cruises have proved very popular and there are now only 2 cabins remaining for 2020 and are already getting booked on our 2021 calendar


Elizabeth G: departing June 15th 2020 £3020.00 per person - fully booked
Emma Jane: departing June 18th 2020 £3580.00 per person - one cabin remaining

The remote Flannan Isles are made up of seven islets, with Eilean Mor housing the famous lighthouse and the 7th century chapel, built by Saint Flannan. This was the scene of one of the greatest maritime mysteries, when in 1900, three lighthouse keepers disappeared without trace. This cruise allows you to step onshore and relive the mystery for yourself. 

From the Inner Hebrides, cruise the west coast of Skye to the Outer Hebrides and the Sound of Harris. Here is a spectacular mix of small islands and sea lochs, fringed with shell-sand beaches and turquoise waters, home to red deer, golden and sea eagles, seal colonies and a host of seabirds. After a shore visit to Taransay, head out into the Atlantic to reach the Flannan Isles, now home only to nesting puffins, storm petrels, Leach's petrels, kittiwakes and gannets. Watch out for minke and pilot whales, Risso's and other species of dolphin. Anchor off the Isle of Lewis for the best way to visit the famous Callanish Stones, from the sea.


Elizabeth G: departing 23rd May 2020 £3020.00 per person - fully booked
Emma Jane: departing 25th May 2020 £3580.00 per person - fully booked
Emma Jane: departing 17th August 2020, £3580.00 per person - 1 cabin remaining

The Shiants and the Summer Isles are two contrasting and equally fascinating island destinations.

Cruising through the Inner Hebrides, head out into the Minch sea channel for the wild and enchanting Shiant Isles. Spend a day and night exploring the islands, soaking in the history, observing the nesting seabirds and watching out for cetaceans before putting to sea again. The Summer Isles archipelago is a group of 20 islands set in a landscape of outstanding beauty off the North West coast of Scotland. Go ashore on the main island of Tanera Mor and explore the dramatic caves and beaches of the outlying islands, all havens for wildlife.  Taking a southerly course, visit the very remote coasts of the North West Highlands and the dramatic sea lochs of Loch Torridon, Loch Alsh, Loch Carron and Loch Hourn.

If your preferred cruise is not available - why not consider a private charter on cruises with no reservations, where you can design your own bespoke itinerary?