Have a look at the blog our Australian guest Murray Foote has produced to document his St Kilda and the Hebrides cruise with us in 2014.  The images and information are truly superb and we are very grateful to Murray for sharing them with us.

Murray said "We shared a wonderful cruise to St Kilda and the Hebrides last year.  That was definitely a great voyage!  I felt very lucky to find it."

His blog posts for his St Kilda and the Hebrides cruise on the 12th - 20th July 2014 contains 19 posts with 288 images and includes a short history of St Kilda.

You can find the index of all of Murray's travels to Scotland here:  http://murrayfoote.com/2013/06/29/journey-to-north-atlantic-itinerary-and-index-of-posts/