A celebration to rename and bless our new motor vessel, Lucy Mary, took place today, July 8th, at Oban Bay pontoons in the company of family and friends .  Renaming and blessing a vessel is a serious and important occasion and involves a ceremony to appease the Gods of the Winds to ensure MV Lucy Mary of fair winds and smooth seas during her forthcoming journeys in the Hebrides.

MV Lucy Mary is named after CEO Rob Barlow’s granddaughter and Shore Manager Emma Fairbairns daughter, Lucy Mary. The ceremony commenced with Rob and Lucy on the ship's prow, with ceremony facilitator Fiona Dickie, while friends and family members watched below. As tradition dictates, the vessel was to be christened with a liquid and 12-year-old-Lucy chose her favourite soft drink, Scottish Bon Accord’s Cloudy Lemonade.

Fiona Dickie led the ceremony by calling to the Gods of the Winds

“Oh mighty rulers of the winds, through whose power our frail vessels traverse the wild and faceless deep, we implore you to grant this worthy vessel Lucy Mary the benefits and pleasures of your bounty, ensuring us of your gentle ministration according to our needs”

Fiona then called upon Rob and Lucy to face North to appease Great Boreas, exalted ruler of the North Wind and to fling a generous splash of liquid North.  Father and daughter then faced West to appease Great Zephyrus, exalted ruler of the West Wind with another good quantity of the lemonade flung West. Facing East, Rob and Lucy tossed a liberal amount of the christening liquid to appease Great Eurus, exalted ruler of the East Wind and then finally Rob and Lucy faced South and with great enthusiasm tossed more christening liquid South to appease Great Noxus exalted ruler of the South Wind.

Rob and Lucy finished the ceremony by pouring the remaining Cloudy Lemonade over the bow of the vessel while together they said “I christen thee Lucy Mary”.  Everyone below cheered and raised a glass to welcome the new vessel to the Hebrides Cruises fleet, satisfied that the Gods of the Winds were properly appeased. Family member 13-year-old Evie Fairbairns played the bagpipes as a signal to everyone to follow her back on board to continue with the celebrations.

MV Lucy Mary set out on her first cruise with guests on Sunday July 9th to Mull, Iona, Staffa and Treshnish isles

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