While we have not been at sea, Elizabeth G has had a major upgrade, mainly to the external areas of the vessel.  The top stern now has an extension which gives much more top deck space, allowing for lots of seating to relax alfresco and enjoy the spectacular sunsets, while at anchor. There is plenty of space for comfortable rattan furniture and a new box seat at the rear of the top deck.

The top deck extension has a wraparound canopy at the rear, providing a sheltered outside saloon area complete with padded seating and drinks table, enabling guests to enjoy evening drinks outside, even in the rain! 

Forward of the vessel we installed two shoulder seats which allow guests to sit at the bow; a great area for wildlife spotting and taking photos, particularly of the bow riding dolphins.  There are new handrails for safety and the ladder to the top deck has been upgraded to allow easier access to the upper deck. New, brighter lighting at the stern and side of the vessel gives a nice ambience to the new seating area.

The forward deck seating and table have been modified allowing for more forward deck space, with plenty of table room for guests to stow cameras and binoculars whilst wildlife spotting.  Oh and not to forget the new wind screen wipers in the bridge giving guests the best view (even in the rain) whilst visiting the skipper! 

Food on board is a major highlight for guests so we have treated the chef to a new cooker.  A new superfast dishwasher will allow more time for our crew to spend with guests.  

Safety is always foremost whenever we maintain our vessels.  There is now a new boarding gantry for easier and safer access to the vessel. We have designed and built in a new stepped ladder system for the out tender, making it much easier for our guests to disembark and embark the tender on shore visits. 

Elizabeth G has a loyal following, many of whom cruise with us year after year. When we upgraded her interior in 2019 there were some misgivings that her rugged character might have changed, but thankfully everyone agreed that they loved her even more. Elizabeth G is a sturdy, ocean-going vessel which can take any sea condition in comfort, but now with even more cruising luxury for our guests.