The people who crew our vessels are amazing! We are delighted to have such skilled and professional crews for our 2018 season

Back row: James Fairbairns, Skipper, Emma Jane; Craig Robinson, Bosun, Elizabeth G; Nigel Spencer, Wildlife Guide, Elizabeth G; Caroline Chilton-Bates, Chef, Emma Jane; Chris Ireland, Skipper, Elizabeth G; Chris Gomersall, Wildlife Guide Elizabeth G & Emma Jane; Rob Barlow, Skipper Elizabeth G & Emma Jane, Stevie Hughes, Chef, Elizabeth G

Front row: Kevin Johnstone, Bosun, Elizabeth G; Alexa Kershaw, Wildlife Guide, Elizabeth G; Emma White, Bosun, Emma Jane; Maddy Anderson, Bosun, Emma Jane; Sam Udale-Smith, guest Wildlife Guide; Lynsey Bland, Wildlife Guide, Emma Jane