Hebrides Cruises is a proper family business.  Rob Barlow is Owner and Skipper; daughter Emma is Sales, Marketing and Shore Manager, her husband Peter works on the cruises in a variety of roles, including Skipper and Engineer. Not to be forgotten is Granny Mary, a vital person in the business, providing the scones for the guests arriving on the boat for their cruise which are always much appreciated!  Here is the recipe - with a few extra tips.  There is definitely a knack to getting the lightest of scones and guests agree that Granny Mary has that touch!  If you want to try one for yourself, come aboard our Open Day on April 22nd at Dunstaffnage Marina - from noon till 4pm.

Granny Mary Scone Recipe: Makes 12 Scones


1Ib Self Raising Flour

4oz Granulated Sugar

4oz Soft Margarine

2 Level teaspoon Baking Powder

8-10oz Milk


Preheat your oven to 220oc or 210fan.

Add all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar & baking powder) together in a bowl.  Add the soft margarine to this and mix all together with your hands (Wee Tip:  Make sure you have cold hands!)  Whilst mixing make sure you lift the mixture high to allow the air through it.

Once the mixture resembles a crumbly consistency you can add the milk, small amounts at a time.  Mix with a wooden spoon until mixture has blended.  Keep the mixture as dry as possible making sure its still bonds.

Transfer the mixture onto a floured board.  Shape the mixture into a circle about 1” thick with your hands, handling as little as possible. 

Cut out mixture with scone cutter.   Then place on a floured scone tray then dust lightly with flour before popping in the oven to bake.

After 20mins, take out of the oven, leave to cool on a wire tray.

Take a scone, cut in half and fill it with yummy jam and/or cream and have with a nice wee cup of tea!