The first full day of our annual Hebridean Photography Cruise with photography mentor and Wildlife Guide Chris Gomersall has got off to a great start!

Here is the first day's tally of wildlife spotted:

Four white-tailed eagles
A pod of thirty or more bottlenose dolphins spotted while cruising north of Mull
Two otters (a mother and cub) while anchored in in Loch na Droma Buidhe
One “ringtail" hen harrier on Gometra
Close encounters with puffins while onshore at Lunga in the Treshnish Isles. In particular the puffins were bringing in sandeels for their chick
A corncrake was also clearly heard while ashore on Lunga

This is our 11th year of the Hebridean Photography Cruise with Chris Gomersall, one of the most respected photographers and wildlife guides in the UK, with a deep knowledge of the Hebrides. Apart from the opportunities for snapping close encounters with wildlife, there are many other aspects of the Hebrides to photograph, from the superb scenery to plant and insect life. 

Here are some wildlife photos from yesterdays onshore trip to Lunga in the Treshnish Isles.  Although our guests are surrounded by puffins, they are very careful to sit quietly away from the burrows and let the puffins come to them. It's very important not to go too near the burrows in case they collapse with a chick inside. The puffins on Lunga are not at all nervous of humans. One theory is that puffins actively welcome humans as they have worked out that Skuas, which predate on puffins are not there when humans are!