The name “The Small Isles” really doesn’t do justice to a unique group of four islands, just south of Skye, each with its own amazing character, culture, scenery and geology.  The best way to soak in the atmosphere of these islands  is on an island-hopping trip from the sea, all the while surrounded by vistas of the other inner and outer Hebridean islands on the horizon. The islands have tiny populations, and the people are very friendly.  One of the delights of going ashore is to casually chat with the inhabitants of these islands that you happen to meet and find out first hand what life is like here.

Eventually, the draw of the Cuillin Mountains, ever present on the horizone will be too overpowering and you will leave the delightful Small Isles to reach the iconic Isle of Skye and visit beautiful Loch Coruisk and Loch Skavaig.  Find out more about The Small Isles, one of the best kept secrets of the Hebrides and let us take you from Canna to Coruisk on our exclusive  “Skye and the Small Isles Explorer” 6-night cruise departing July 4th.  Only three cabins left for 2015.