We are constantly looking at ways we can improve how we operate to remove any negative impact on the environment. We have now discovered environmentally- conscious wine with a suitably maritime name and focus! (And it tastes really nice too!)

“Sea Change” is a range of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious wines that support ocean conservation through direct partnerships with key ocean and marine focussed charities. A monetary donation goes direct to the charities for every bottle sold.  

The range is also designed with a minimum environmental impact- it’s amazing the changes that can be made with a little thought!

  • A lightweight glass bottle minimises transport and raw materials

  • No plastic is used in the finished product (unlike the majority of wines) and the closures contain no plastic elements and are biodegradable

  • No capsule covers are used which minimises packaging and makes recycling easier

  • Grape touch lables are used which consist of 15% recycled grape waste and raw materials from FSC certified forests.

Our chosen wines which are complimentary with dinner are from Salento, Italy:

Sea Change Chardonnay: easy drinking and full of flavour, fresh citrus and tropical fruits dominate the palate 

Sea Change Negroamaro: a versatile and easy-drinking delight which is medium-bodied and well-balanced with flavours of berry fruits with a lovely lingering finish.