This 10-night St Kilda & Outer Hebrides wildlife adventure cruise, led by a Wildlife Guide and three knowledgeable crew, is a relaxing and invigoration sea journey to explore the rarely visited remote and beautiful island landscape of the Outer Hebrides. With the unique wild flower machair in bloom on all the island coastlines, there a good chance of seeing corncrake and many other rare birds on the shores as well as on the water. From Tobermory we set out for the southernmost tip of the Outer Hebrides visiting Mingulay with its incredible seacliffs, deserted village, lost history and a truly stunning beach. The seals come ashore at night on Mingulay and we have counted over 200. Our next stop is the white sands of Vatersay where the machair is possibly the best in the Hebrides, then stopping over in Castlebay on Barra. We then explore the coastlines of Eriskay, South and North Uist and finally to Harris, stopping at Loch Rodel with its historic church. This is the likely departure location for the Archipelago of Islands and Stacs that make up St.Kilda. The actual itinerary is weather dependent but we would plan to have at least two full days exploring these stunning and mystical islands and going ashore on Hirta. St.Kilda is a haven for 210 different species of birds; we know these waters very well and can cruise very close to the cliffs and birds.

Your onboard guide has extensive knowledge of the Islands of St Kilda and their history and the other places we visit. Your guide will be available to take you ashore and explore or if preferred you can explore by yourselves.

On our return passage via the Sound of Harris, we visit the magical Shiant Islands, which are often described as a a mini St Kilda with seacliffs and birds galore, a stunning horse shoe anchorage, and outstanding archaeology.

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Cruise Itinerary

These are some of the likely stopovers and anchorages on this cruise:

Tobermory:  The main town on Mull has a bustling harbour in a very scenic setting with it colourful harbour-front buildings. Go ashore to try the speciality food and craft shops or take a scenic walk in the woods around Tobermory Bay.

Mingulay: From Tobermory we set out for the southern most tip of the Outer Hebrides visiting Mingulay with its incredible seacliffs, deserted village, lost history and truly stunning beach.  The sounds and sights of the seals coming ashore at night are unforgettable; we have counted over 200.

 Vatersay: Passing the small outcrop of Islands which include Sandy and Pabbay, our next stop is the white sands of Vatersay where the Machair is in full bloom.  It is possible to stand on hilly ground and view two of the most spectacular beaches in the Hebrides on either side.

Barra: A short cruise takes us to Castlebay on the Island of Barra with a the classic view of Kishorn Castle in the Bay.

Eriskay: Cruising the length of Barra, we arrive at another small island, Eriskay, of "Whisky Galore" fame and with more gorgeous beaches.  Linked to South Uist by a causeway, the shallow waters are turquoise and green reflecting the sandy sea bottom.

Lochmaddy, North Uist:  We cruise the length of the coastline of South Uist, Benbecula and North Uist to reach Lochmaddy and an incredible marine landscape that is peppered with hundreds of tiny islands.

Loch Rodel, Harris: From North Uist we cross the straits to Loch Rodel on the very southern tip of Harris.  From this location we will set out for St Kilda, given favourable weather conditions.

St Kilda: There is an amazing sense of anticipation as the outline of these stunning and mystical islands comes into view. Anchoring in Village Bay we go ashore on Hirta to explore the poignant history with the option for a guided walk.  After an overnight stay in Village Bay, we cruise the stacs to get a close view of thousands of sea birds.

Shiant Islands:  On our return passage via the Sound of Harris, we visit the magical Shiant Islands, which is often described as a mini St Kilda with seacliffs and birds galore, a stunning horse shoe anchorage, and outstanding archaeology.

On the final leg of our return journey we cruise under the famous Skye Bridge and through the Kyle narrows towards Oban and disembarkation from an unforgettable St Kilda & Outer Hebridean journey

Cruise Dates 2018

DateNightsSpacesPrice p/p VesselBook Online
9 June 2018100---Proud SeahorseFully Booked
9 July 2018102£3,500.00Proud SeahorseBook Now
16 July 2018100---Elizabeth GFully Booked
30 July 2018102£3,500.00Proud SeahorseBook Now
6 August 2018100---Elizabeth GFully Booked
18 August 2018104£1,995.00Elizabeth GBook Now

Indicates single cabins available (Elizabeth G Only).
Master cabins available (Proud Seahorse Only).

Cruise Dates 2019

DateNightsSpacesPrice p/p VesselBook Online
3 June 20191010 £1,995.00Elizabeth GBook Now
8 June 20191010 £3,500.00Proud SeahorseBook Now
1 July 2019108 £3,500.00Proud SeahorseBook Now
15 July 2019107 £1,995.00Elizabeth GBook Now
29 July 20191010 £3,500.00Proud SeahorseBook Now
3 August 20191010 £1,995.00Elizabeth GBook Now

Indicates single cabins available (Elizabeth G Only).
Master cabins available (Proud Seahorse Only).

Cruise Map


4 September 2017

There is not a way to say enough about our enjoyment of the cruise.  Emma was very good about responding quickly to our inquiries and providing all the details that we needed for booking. The crew was professional, knowledgeable, interesting and fun. We have never done a boat cruise and didn’t know what to expect but the expectations bar has been set high after our experience over these 10 days.  Response is not what would have made cruise extra special – but what did make cruise extra special. We were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with this cruise. Chef Ross made a cake and decorated it with “50” made of candies and presented it to us at tea time one afternoon! Another special experience was the opportunity to meet Skipper James’ parents; I read his mother’s book while on the vessel and asked James many questions about his family. When we were in Tobermory, James’ mother and father visited us. This was a lovely “extra” that we will remember throughout our lives.  We have recommended the trip to several friends already.

David & Angela Hiley

4 September 2017

We did enjoy ourselves very much with your excellent team.  Being met on return from any expedition with a glass of bubbly (and – when relevant – a pre-warmed hot tub/Jacuzzi) added to the general joy – we loved it! We had a superb crew, who were great fun, interesting and very enthusiastic.  This is a highly recommended cruise and great sea safari

Lynn & Randle Cowcher

5 August 2017

All very impressive - especially pleased to get to St Kilda and how close Rob managed to get the stacs and Boreray!  Also the Shiants.  We throughly enjoyed it all.

Dennis & Carole Leadbeater

5 August 2017

We had an excellent trip!  Very easy to book. All information required provided quickly.  Magical visit to St Kilda in glorious sunshine. Skipper James was very competent and professional but also very friendly. Maddy and Ross did a stunning job making us all feel very much at home. Enjoyed some hill and ridge walking with Ben on Islands I didn’t realise had hills!

David & Kathryn Cobb

10 July 2017

The quality of customer care was superb without exception. Special mention must be made about the attention to detail and genuine interest in the comfort, welfare and safety of guests.  The quality of the meals was excellent; particularly from the perspective of a non meat eater who enjoyed a wide variety of meals each one of which was well cooked and presented.  The cleanliness of the boat was exemplary – cannot say anything else!

Derek & Linda Kidd

10 July 2017

A dream come true - St Kilda!  A super professional cruise laced with kindness consideration and care!  It was sad leaving people who had become my friends. 

Vera Brown

10 July 2017

Dear Chris, Maddy, Lynsey & Ross - It has been a MAGNIFICENT trip.  Far exceeded our expectations.  You are the fabulous four and have made the whole experience so wondeful! It was the most magical trip - I can't speak more highly of every aspect of the cruise. We were so lucky to bond so well with the other guests. The best part of it all were the crew. They were the most caring, attentive and professional four people I have met. Maddy especially couldn't do more for people, anticipating our every want and Ross was such an amazing chef, so calm and warm.  Many thanks for a wonderful experience


Fleur Brett

10 July 2017

Once again fabulous time on Elizabeth G and great to have Chris on board seeing all those things we could have missed, his knowledge seemed endless.  Crew fantastic as usual and so lucky with the weather letting us reach St Kilda.

Rozanne MacKie

10 July 2017

Getting to St Kilda was the realisation of a very long held ambition. So beautiful and so melancholy. It was an important journey for me and I learnt a lot from everyone there. The staff were amazing and Chris Gomershall particularly brilliant. How lucky we were to have him. We saw 5 cetaceans - and saw them very well!

Hoonie Feltham

10 July 2017

What a wonderful wonderful time we had on the Proud Seahorse. The whole crew were simply fantastic, helpful, cheerful, worked as a team and made our time very special. We were also fortunate to like minded travel companions and we all had lots of fun and laughs.  Your chef Ross was a gem and every meal was an event that we loved sitting down to - food was plentiful and varied and delicious. Skipper Chris was extremely conscientious and dedicated. Lynsey the guide / naturalist was a very eagle eyed lookout and without her I would have seen very little - her dedication to spotting and cataloguing the many animals was always evident. Maddie was always a smiling presence no matter what she was doing and was indispensable to all of us.  We will be highly recommending your tours on the Proud Seahorse to any and all who ask. Thanks again for a very special experience.

James & Catherine Whitmore

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