Where would you go on your dream Private Cruise Charter? A popular choice is St Kilda and the Outer Hebrides, with many other remote, secret and idyllic islands to drop anchor where you will see lots of wildlife and be steeped in centuries of history.  Private Cruise Charter has a 10% discount on the normal cabin price for 10 guests.  Click here for charter prices > Private Cruise Charter has to be booked early as only dates with no bookings are available for private charter. 

A Private Cruise Charter comes with the high quality of service from 4 Crew, with onshore guided trips and full onboard hospitality, including delicious meals and complimentary wine with dinner. 

Will it really be the holiday of a lifetime? To find out, read the reviews of our previous private cruise charter guests in their own words.

Book a Private Cruise Charter in 2023

Currently, we have no private charter dates available in 2023.  However, please contact us if you wish to be added to our waiting list.  

Book a Private Cruise Charter in 2024

DateNightsNo. of guestsVesselBook
20 April 2024610Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
27 April 2024610Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
4 May 2024810Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
11 May 2024810Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
13 May 20241010Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
13 June 20241010Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
13 July 2024810Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
25 July 2024810Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
3 August 20241010Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
3 August 20241010Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
15 August 20241010Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
15 August 2024810Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
24 August 20241010Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
28 August 2024610Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
5 September 2024810Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
14 September 2024610Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
14 September 2024610Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
21 September 2024610Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
21 September 2024610Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
28 September 2024610Emma JaneSubmit Enquiry
28 September 2024610Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry
5 October 2024410Elizabeth-GSubmit Enquiry