6 May 2023

Just returned from another fantastic cruise on Emma Jane. The scenery was awesome and as for the wildlife, what can I say - we saw dolphins, minkes, white tailed eagles, puffins and far too many others to mention! The islands never disappoint, there's always something new to see and the crew know exactly where to take us for the best views and wildlife spotting. As always, the crew were brilliant and always helpful - particularly to those of us with creaky knees! James, thank you so much for the wooden Step of Stability - I can't emphasise enough what a huge difference it made to me when getting in and out of the tender. The step should be featured on the front page of your website as reassurance to anyone who has any doubts about their ability to get off the boat! Finally, when will there be a Hebrides Cruises recipe book?! Thanks for everything, we can't wait to be back in board!

Val Strickland