28 July 2021

What a wonderful cruise ! Skipper James and his crew took us around the enchanting Small Isles plus the impressive Loch Skavaig on Skye in whichever order the weather dictated in order to give us the best opportunity to make successful landings and of course, a peaceful nights sleep. All the Islands had their own character, making them all memorable in their own way, difficult to pick a favourite, but I did feel Canna was a special place ! My fellow guests were lovely company, sharing many a story, and many a laugh, and I know they all enjoyed themselves just as I did. It never ceases to amaze me how the team at Hebrides Cruises deliver such fabulously enjoyable cruises. Everything is done to the highest standard, and yet the crew make it look so easy, something akin to the swan sailing serenely along the surface, whilst behind the scenes the legs are paddling like crazy ! James is the perfect skipper, Emma and Helen, chef and steward, just made every minute of our time on the Emma Jane an absolute pleasure with wonderful food and immaculately clean cabins, the most amazing dinner tables, and our every whim catered for, Zoe was our ever vigilant Guide, I don’t think even she could believe all the cetaceans almost queuing up to perform for us on the sail back from Eigg ! And finally, pulling all of this together, looking after us as we booked and queried and pondered, making sure everything was at hand and on the ship, we have to say a big thankyou to Emma onshore. Thankyou all, you’re an amazing team !! I will, of course, be back !!

Steve Lloyd