13 May 2024

I was longing to be aboard “Lucy Mary” again ever since stepping off her at the end of my cruise last September; I had felt surely it couldn’t be as good again - but it was. During the entire trip the 4 crew members worked extremely hard to make sure we had a thoroughly enjoyable time, with enthusiasm, professionalism and friendliness. It was great having Abbie as our charming and efficient steward again: I must mention her inventive table decorations, a beautiful highlight of every dinner time. The other three crew were new to me but outstanding. Jaya created mouth-watering meals and treats, with a zesty approach to the food, and indeed to life in general, which was very appealing. Lynsey as wildlife guide was supremely good, sharing her remarkable knowledge of the area and its wildlife so that we saw, heard and learned about many places, animals, birds and plants which would have gone unnoticed or unidentified had she not been there. All of the wonders we saw would, of course, have been unreachable without Lewis the skipper, who did his utmost to take us to all the places we were hoping to visit - with great success. The glorious weather, coupled with Lewis’s skilful handling of the boat and his careful route planning in conjunction with Lynsey and ourselves, gave us opportunities for reaching stunning destinations. There was plenty of time to savour all the experiences, whether on land by tender trips ashore or at sea by Lewis’s willingness to slow or stop for us to observe dolphins, whales, seals, seabirds. A crew working together for the best possible outcome and an amiable group of fellow passengers, travelling on a delightful boat in an area so rich in natural beauty, gave me another unforgettable cruise. Thanks wholeheartedly and see you next year!