3 June 2023

Emma is the consumate professional in every detail covering the booking of any cruise, and dealing with any queries etc, and as a bonus she performs all this in such a friendly way !  The Hebrides Cruises team have this down to a fine art, the welcome is first class, and the handling of the luggage etc is so reassuring. Likewise, the assistance given on leaving the cruise is above and beyond, offers of help arranging taxis etc is always there, and the luggage is carried up to the end of the pier for all.  That said, leaving the Emma Jane is always the least enjoyable part of any cruise, its like leaving good friends !  This was a wonderful cruise, helped somewhat by the glorious weather, but it was the pace of the whole thing that was absolute perfection.  No having to dash anywhere, no trying to catch up, just a thoroughly laid back and ultimately very enjoyable cruise.  Yes, the wildlife was unforgettable, but the scenery, and the history combined with the willingness of the crew to add that cherry to the top of the cake on a daily basis made this the perfect cruise – even those less interested in wildlife would enjoy this cruise I’m sure.The crew excelled in absolutely everything, the meals were sublime, the service/care provided by the crew was I believe, unbeatable, and everything was clean and in the right place. AS ALWAYS !  Yes, there are other vessels offering perhaps similar-looking cruises, but look a little deeper, check the reviews, and if possible, check the smiles of the guests as they finish their cruise.  I’m lucky enough to have been on a few Hebrides Cruises adventures now, and one of the more telling things is the number of repeat customers that keep coming back.   I think that speaks volumes !

Steve Lloyd