9 July 2018

FAN-TAST-IC. EXCELLENT 10 days, really lucky with the weather on Kilda and Shiants and even luckier with the crew - James Skipper, Yvonne Chef, Emma Bosun and last but not least Linsey as guide. The operation of the Emma G was excellent, food yummy, enthusiastic guide and very hard working bosun. The guests were all quite different but the environment and sheer fun of certain members of crew, no names, but in particular Emma and Yvonne, created a relaxing atmosphere that led to everybody getting on very well. We covered a large distance but visited some wonderful places, the only downside was that long distances had to be covered which meant lesser time ashore. However it was very worthwhile and the communication and daily briefings kept all of us fully informed Can’t wait for next years brochure!

Peter Hackin