2 June 2018

Chris, our skipper, was very focused on our wish to see the Monachs, St Kilda and the Shiants, along with our focus on watching wildlife.  Sam, (our wildlife guide) was fantastic at spotting cetaceans and Chris was happy to divert and wait so we could see them. We had outstanding luck and were privileged to see dolphins repeatedly making fish bait balls, which attracted gannets, gulls, skuas and petrels. This went on for about 2 hours. I have to further congratulate Chris for his sensitivity in never approaching wild animals too closely; he always kept a distance which allowed us to see their natural behaviour. We ended the cruise with a day hopping from one eagle’s nest to the next, again we had great views but respect was given to the animals. Craig (Bosun) gives superb customer service. Always there to help, always with an eye on safety and our comfort. He was unflappable!  Stevy (Cook) consistently produced really nice meals. If I have dairy products I feel ill, Stevy did not put a foot wrong, he always had an alternative I could eat, I was never ill, this is above and beyond the service I have received in expensive hotels!   A fantastic holiday, with a superb crew! It could not have been bettered!

Nick Skilbeck