8 June 2024

Despite some pretty gusty weather, this was a fabulous cruise, our very experienced and attentive crew continually reviewing the forecast and the options to ensure the guests had a memorable and very enjoyable 10 nights aboard the wonderful Emma Jane.  I’m fortunate enough to have previously visited St Kilda with Hebrides Cruises, but I must say this visit was possibly even more exciting, more a sense of achievement.  However, don’t go thinking that St Kilda was all the cruise was about, not by a long way !!  We had a fabulous visit to the sun drenched Shiants – sitting there watching the puffins, guillemots, razorbills, shags etc was pure pleasure. Other highlights were walking among the ruins of the old village on the Isle of Isay, just off the coast of Skye (a first for most of us), and the intriguing ruins at Rubha an Dunain on Skye. Just imagine an Iron Age dun on a cliff top, a chambered cairn from 2nd/3rd century BC, and a stone-lined canal thought to have been built by the Vikings !!  This was a first for everyone on board – never let it be said Hebrides Cruises just visit the same old places, nothing could be further from the truth !!  Sophia – what a joy to have Sophia aboard as our Stewardess, nothing was ever too much trouble, she had an uncanny knack of knowing just what we wanted before we’d even thought of it ourselves, the dinner table presentation was worth a front page of “House and Home” every night, and her unbridled enthusiasm was infectious ! Jaya – I’ve previously had the pleasure of a cruise with Jaya in 2023, so was delighted to learn of her return for 2024. Wonderful food, great company, and again boundless enthusiasm, what more can I say !  Lynsey -  I’ve cruised with Lynsey many times, and in my opinion she steps up a gear every season. We’ve had some wonderful sightings, walks, adventures, and I think I’m right in saying I’ve never known her to fail to identify anything, be it animal, plant, beastie, bird, or whatever.  Phenomenal knowledge, and great company !  I’m proud to call her a friend.   James – How James managed to get us to St Kilda and everywhere else in the weather that we had I’ll never know. I especially think his evening presentation of the weather forecast followed by the reasoning for the following day’s plan made everyone feel involved as well as getting an understanding of what is involved in formulating that plan.  The effort he put into ensuring EVERYTHING was always absolutely as it should be is so reassuring - I truly would be happy to let James skipper any vessel I was on to anywhere in the world and I know I’d be absolutely safe, such is my complete trust in his skill and judgement. Again, I’m proud to call James a true friend.  

Steve Lloyd