16 June 2022

Dear Emma, Just to say what a wonderful cruise we had! We found it excellent in every way. The weather was trying but only some of the time. Rob devised such a very good route with wonderful anchorages, and we made it to the Flannan Isles, the highlight I suppose.  It was so good to be with such diverse fellow guests, and we had enormous admiration for all the crew members; they seemed so wonderfully cohesive and versatile in all they did for us. Bumble never ceased to produce wonderful meals; Craig turned from his anchor to cabin duties with amazing good will and skill, while Zoe had excellent recall on birds and was an attentive companion on shore, a really fine wildlife spotter.  We had the added excitement of rescuing the yacht in trouble off Tobermory in which Rob applied all his skill and experience. Please pass on our gratitude to Rob in due course.


Julian & Sarah Lush