17 September 2022

Tell you something you may not know. The rise through upsy locks is extraordinary, a body of water controlled. Then the down-the-stairs feel as you descend to the wide mouth of Loch Ness. Ok, that's one thing, two actually, but how you traverse this is not the whole picture. The thought and the planning that goes into every minute detail is diverse, dynamic and delicious. From Emma and back (for she is the pilot) we have Captain 'Calm' who deals with everything on board, Ash who makes light of all her work as steward, Will, guide, who knows the over and under story and Jordan who should cook for heaven, all of them showing such grace. I loved watching each member of this team step out of their roles when required. For any unsure of bumpy seas, this one is for you. Ps, bring swimwear. The hot tub affords the best of sunset views.

Judy Fairbairns