17 July 2021

Hello Emma - As you can see from the grades that we have put below, we could not have been more pleased with our time on Elizabeth G. We were blessed with exceptionally fine weather which obviously colours our views a little, but our enjoyment of the whole time would not have been anywhere as much had it not been for the service we received.  Food was excellent, leaving nothing to be desired. Wildlife sightings were exceptional including all the bird life that we expected, plus bonuses like Snowy owl, Humpback whale, Sunfish, Risso’s dolphin, Minke whale and very close encounters with a large pod of common dolphins. All of these were made possible by the local knowledge and skill at spotting of the crew. Onshore trips were well organised and we visited and also moored in some beautiful places.  Many thanks for making this holiday such a memorable experience. We would recommend it to anyone, especially people who enjoy good food, natural history and beautiful scenery.  Jim & Margaret Oakley.

Jim Oakley