7 July 2018

Dear Emma, How could I not love your wonderful cruise with such perfect weather and such an attentive crew and lovely other guests. I loved the “Small Isles” and the wildlife was terrific and plentiful. Hospitality on board was typically Scottish --we ate very well thanks to Steve who was a bit of a miracle working as he did in such a small space. Craig was solicitous for our well being and was generous with his time in spite of all his “housekeeping“ and crewing. The Skipper was so patient and alert and often saw creatures before the rest of us and guided Elizabeth G accordingly. His knowledge of the best anchorages was excellent obviously born of long experience. Chris G’s knowledge of birds and other wildlife really made the trip worthwhile as his expertise alerted us quickly to what was out there. The walks ashore were just the right length for me personally as I am a senior citizen (but used to walking).  Sincere good wishes, Jill Reilly

Jill Reilly