22 April 2023

I have long wanted to visit the Scottish Isles. A friend of mine recommended Hebrides Cruises and, since my husband gets seasick just looking at the ocean, I decided to travel alone. How fortunate, then, to have both delightful fellow guests and the most delightful of crews imaginable. The boat herself, the Elizabeth G, proved to be staunchly seaworthy and decidedly comfortable. AND she came equipped with a simply marvelous chef, Sarah, who fed us like royalty. Thank goodness for the daily walks that enabled us to eat most of what she presented. I think we saw every seabird in the book, my favorite -- no surprise here -- the adorable puffins who are much smaller in real life than I had imagined. We also saw numerous minke whales and porpoises, as well as eagles and red deer at a distance. Loved the ruined nunnery on Iona. Very atmospheric. Was awed by Fingles Cave and enchanted by the beauty of the isles themselves. With deep thanks to ALL the crew and to Hebrides Cruises which is both warm and highly professional.

Jennifer Tomkins