17 July 2023

Dear Emma - It was lovely to meet you briefly both before and after our recent cruise - Fiona and I had such a wonderful time, the fellow passengers were great company but what really made the trip was the fantastic crew, James (for the first 2 days), Bren, Zoe, Hannah and Charlie. They were so professional but also very personable and we could not have asked for better care (or indeed better food when it came to Charlie!).  The cruise gave some spectacular highlights but for me the encounter with the humpback whale on the return leg was amazing but even better was the sunset off the Cairns of Coll - the evening meal had just finished when Bren came to announce that the sunset promise to be spectacular. I spent a good hour on the top deck photographing the beauty of the sunset but was aware of something special as Zoe, Hannah and Bren remained on top and there was total silence as we reflected on the profoundness of the scene.

Ian Woods