5 July 2021

Just returned from our second successful trip to St Kilda on the Elizabeth G. It was lovely to be greeted by the familiar faces of Rob and Craig from our previous trip along with naturalist Zoe and chef Sian. Rob’s experienced weather-eye meant he paced our journey to St Kilda so that we made the best of the beautiful weather so that we had the full day ashore on the sunniest day, even better than the previous trip in 2019. As before, Craig attended to our every needs and sumptuous meals were served up by Sian, maintaining the high standard of cuisine we have come to expect on the Elizabeth G. As an experienced whale-watcher Zoe was indefatigable in keeping a lookout for whales and dolphins and her enthusiasm was very infectious. She was also careful to make sure everyone was alerted when any were sighted. All in all it was a fantastic trip and I can’t wait till the next one.

Helen Mainwood