20 July 2023

Thank you to Rob, Sam, Ruari, Abbie and all at Hebrides Cruises, not forgetting the beautiful Lucy Mary for another amazing trip. Graeme was thrilled to achieve his ambition of visiting the original (and best ) St Kilda. We also enjoyed revisiting The Small Isles. A bonus was the weather whist not warm it was mostly dry and whilst we were at St Kilda 
we were able to view the magnificent stacs under clear blue skies. Sam's offering from the galley were truly magnificent with an amazing 
range of textures and flavours from all over the world. We enjoyed many a chat with Ruari - did you know he could have been a concert pianist? Abbie clearly loves her job and we 
hope she continues to look after your guests as well as she did us. Huge thanks to Rob for his skill, diligence and great stories of life on the sea and in the islands.

Graeme & Sue Hurst