9 September 2023

Oh dear. I had an incredible time on the Emma Jane last year, such a life altering experience that I was just a little nervous; it couldn’t possibly be as good again, could it? But it was…no, it was better. It might feel like happy accident to get good conditions, find amazing sealife, or really feel at home on a boat with twelve strangers, but of course it’s not; it skill, experience, planning, hard work and kindness. This is family, a family business that has created an ethos and atmosphere that flows through the crew (on shore and at sea) so that you feel totally at ease as you are taken by the hand and shown the wonders of the Hebrides. Vanessa, the steward, was bright, attentive and lovely. Chef Nicola cooked and baked delicious and varied food and is the sweetest and happiest person. Lynsay, wow, capable, knowledgeable and a hawkeye that never failed to spot or identify the multitudinous sealife, plus she’s the beautiful artist on display all over the boat! And Skipper Bren, so relaxed and accomplished that everyone assumed it was his umpteenth season on the Emma Jane…I hope he’s tempted back many more times. Thank you so much for showing me such incredible places, giving me unique experiences and indulging a chatty singleton who kept peeling off to sing in caves or check out the Mishnish’s 80-/ and random locals! I really appreciated the care, attention and honesty of the crew, they clearly love their jobs, had endless patience and are really interesting people to talk with. I can’t wait to come back and have booked another cruise aboard the Emma Jane; can it possibly be as good as this one? I’m not nervous. x

Ellen Orrock