4 September 2017

There is not a way to say enough about our enjoyment of the cruise.  Emma was very good about responding quickly to our inquiries and providing all the details that we needed for booking. The crew was professional, knowledgeable, interesting and fun. We have never done a boat cruise and didn’t know what to expect but the expectations bar has been set high after our experience over these 10 days.  Response is not what would have made cruise extra special – but what did make cruise extra special. We were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with this cruise. Chef Ross made a cake and decorated it with “50” made of candies and presented it to us at tea time one afternoon! Another special experience was the opportunity to meet Skipper James’ parents; I read his mother’s book while on the vessel and asked James many questions about his family. When we were in Tobermory, James’ mother and father visited us. This was a lovely “extra” that we will remember throughout our lives.  We have recommended the trip to several friends already.

David & Angela Hiley