1 July 2019

Booking experience with Hebrides Cruises was very good.  We were given lots of information about the cruise and phoned Emma several times with queries which she answered.  Our Skipper James and guide Lynsey were tuned in to the aspirations of the group and ensured we got to see as much as possible given the weather conditions.  Stopping at the Shiants was an absolute bonus.  The anchorages were all very good and the scenery was stunning.  Wildlife was wonderful everywhere we went.  The walks were great and crew were informative and knowledgeable.  We cannot think of anything that had been overlooked.  It was all well thought out to give us a good cruise and holiday combined with a wonderful wildlife experience.  Don't hesitate, Hebrides Cruises are very professional .  We could not have been in better hands and look forward to another cruise in the not to distant future!

Christine Rose