20 August 2022

My long-anticipated cruise on the Emma Jane exceeded all expectations! The weather was superb with glassy seas much of the time. James and Lynsey were amazing at spotting wildlife and getting the ship close-enough for the most incredible viewing of two humpback whales and up to four simply enormous fin whales off the east coast of Lewis. We saw literally hundreds of common dolphin (many deliberately joining us for a spot of free bow-riding), a pod of Risso's dolphins (with tiny calves), nearly a dozen different white-tailed eagles, three otters, and hundreds of assorted seabirds. Chef Jordan produced five-star meals every single day and Bosun Ashley made sure the ship was sparklingly clean all of the time. We almost ran out of prosecco wine, which was produced whenever we had some special sighting to celebrate; in other words, practically every day! Thank you to all four wonderful staff for creating lifelong memories of what even James & Lynsey admitted was one of the best cruises they'd ever experienced.

Adrian Ellison