St Kilda and Outer Hebrides Wildlife Adventure

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Sat 10 Jun 2017 - Tue 20 Jun 2017 10 Speideren £2995 8 Book Now
Mon 10 Jul 2017 - Thu 20 Jul 2017 10 ElizabethG £1895 2 Book Now
Mon 10 Jul 2017 - Thu 20 Jul 2017 10 Speideren £2995 8 Book Now
Sat 5 Aug 2017 - Tue 15 Aug 2017 10 ElizabethG £1895 0 Full
Sat 5 Aug 2017 - Tue 15 Aug 2017 10 Speideren £2995 8 Book Now
Thu 17 Aug 2017 - Sun 27 Aug 2017 10 ElizabethG £1895 2 Book Now

Cruise Summary

This 10-night St Kilda & Outer Hebrides wildlife adventure cruise, led by a Wildlife Guide and three knowledgeable crew, is a relaxing and invigoration sea journey to explore the rarely visited remote and beautiful island landscape of the Outer Hebrides. With the unique wild flower machair in bloom on all the island coastlines, there a good chance of seeing corncrake and many other rare birds on the shores as well as on the water. From Tobermory we set out for the southernmost tip of the Outer Hebrides visiting Mingulay with its incredible seacliffs, deserted village, lost history and a truly stunning beach. The seals come ashore at night on Mingulay and we have counted over 200. Our next stop is the white sands of Vatersay where the machair is possibly the best in the Hebrides, then stopping over in Castlebay on Barra. We then explore the coastlines of Eriskay, South and North Uist and finally to Harris, stopping at Loch Rodel with its historic church. This is the likely departure location for the Archipelago of Islands and Stacs that make up St.Kilda. The actual itinerary is weather dependent but we would plan to have at least two full days exploring these stunning and mystical islands and going ashore on Hirta. St.Kilda is a haven for 210 different species of birds; we know these waters very well and can cruise very close to the cliffs and birds.

Your onboard guide has extensive knowledge of the Islands of St Kilda and their history and the other places we visit. Your guide will be available to take you ashore and explore or if preferred you can explore by yourselves.

On our return passage via the Sound of Harris, we visit the magical Shiant Islands, which are often described as a a mini St Kilda with seacliffs and birds galore, a stunning horse shoe anchorage, and outstanding archaeology.

The Itinerary

These are some of the likely stopovers and anchorages on this cruise:

Tobermory:  The main town on Mull has a bustling harbour in a very scenic setting with it colourful harbour-front buildings. Go ashore to try the speciality food and craft shops or take a scenic walk in the woods around Tobermory Bay.

Mingulay: From Tobermory we set out for the southern most tip of the Outer Hebrides visiting Mingulay with its incredible seacliffs, deserted village, lost history and truly stunning beach.  The sounds and sights of the seals coming ashore at night are unforgettable; we have counted over 200.

 Vatersay: Passing the small outcrop of Islands which include Sandy and Pabbay, our next stop is the white sands of Vatersay where the Machair is in full bloom.  It is possible to stand on hilly ground and view two of the most spectacular beaches in the Hebrides on either side.

Barra: A short cruise takes us to Castlebay on the Island of Barra with a the classic view of Kishorn Castle in the Bay.

Eriskay: Cruising the length of Barra, we arrive at another small island, Eriskay, of “Whisky Galore” fame and with more gorgeous beaches.  Linked to South Uist by a causeway, the shallow waters are turquoise and green reflecting the sandy sea bottom.

Lochmaddy, North Uist:  We cruise the length of the coastline of South Uist, Benbecula and North Uist to reach Lochmaddy and an incredible marine landscape that is peppered with hundreds of tiny islands.

Loch Rodel, Harris: From North Uist we cross the straits to Loch Rodel on the very southern tip of Harris.  From this location we will set out for St Kilda, given favourable weather conditions.

St Kilda: There is an amazing sense of anticipation as the outline of these stunning and mystical islands comes into view. Anchoring in Village Bay we go ashore on Hirta to explore the poignant history with the option for a guided walk.  After an overnight stay in Village Bay, we cruise the stacs to get a close view of thousands of sea birds.

Shiant Islands:  On our return passage via the Sound of Harris, we visit the magical Shiant Islands, which is often described as a mini St Kilda with seacliffs and birds galore, a stunning horse shoe anchorage, and outstanding archaeology.

On the final leg of our return journey we cruise under the famous Skye Bridge and through the Kyle narrows towards Oban and disembarkation from an unforgettable St Kilda & Outer Hebridean journey


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be on the cruises?

We take a maximum of 12 guests on our cruises.(We normally have 4 crew on each cruise).

What is the average age of people joining the trips?

We have people of all ages joining our trips but the majority fall within the range 35-60. We have had many guests in their 80’s who have thoroughly enjoyed the trips.

How active do I have to be?

This is entirely up to you. You can take advantage of trips ashore with our fully qualified walking and wildlife guides or just stay on board and relax. Trips ashore tend to be to small communities and local attractions and will be at a pace that suits everyone.

Is the cruise suitable for people making a single booking

Absolutely, many single travellers have enjoyed holidays with us and have established friendships with other individuals within the group. Our cabins are twin cabins and on a shared basis but if the trip is not full everyone will be offered their own cabin and we never mix single males and females. There is the option to book a private cabin but as you will be taking a full paying client’s space there will be a single occupancy supplement.

I have restricted mobility, can I cruise with you?

To take one of our cruises you would have to be able to step in and out of the boat tender and climb three fixed steps to the vessel, with the aid of crew members. On-board there are stairs leading to the upper decks and cabins. There are also opportunities to go ashore every day and these would require a level of walking ability. If unsure, please get in touch, we are happy to advise.

Am I likely to get seasick?

During the summer months Scotland’s coastal waters are normally calm but it does blow up from time to time. Elizabeth G has an active fin stabilising system meaning it is very stable in bad weather. People who are normally seasick say they feel better on our cruises.

How spacious are the cabins and beds?

The vessel is a converted traditional boat, therefore space is more restricted than in a hotel, but superior for a boat of this size.

How much wildlife will I see?

The west coast of Scotland is one of the best places in the world to see whales, basking sharks, dolphins, a huge diversity of sea birds and other marine wildlife as well as iconic species such as white tailed and golden eagles, otters and red deer. The Islands of Scotland are also famous for their bird populations and often have very rare birds using them as a stopover when travelling from distant lands. We have a dedicated walking and wildlife guide aboard the boat who will lead guided wildlife walks ashore.

Are children allowed on board

Children aged under 16 are not allowed on board, except for whole boat group charter, where children are welcome.

Are pets allowed on board

Pets are not allowed on board, except for whole boat group charter.

What type of terrain will we be covering during the walking trips?

Scotland is a fantastic place to walk in and we have a large network of hill paths and tracks to take advantage of. These tracks can be very narrow and a bit wet at times. There may be occasions when we might be walking over rougher ground including heather and tusuck grass but we try to keep this to a minimum.

Who will be guiding us?

All of our guides are fully qualified and experienced leaders who have gone through a rigorous training and assessment scheme and are qualified under the UK mountain leader training scheme.

How far will we be walking each day?

This depends entirely on what you want to do. On some of the islands we might walk for a couple of hours or less, on islands such as Hirta, St.Kilda we may take a packed lunch and spend 6 hours ashore exploring. There will of course be an option to spend just a couple of hours onshore and then return to the ship to take in the views from our observation deck.

What meals are included on our cruises?

The price for the cruise is ‘fully inclusive’ and includes all meals. A typical day’s menu will include breakfast (light or robust as you choose) followed by morning coffee (or tea) and biscuits. Then, depending on what we are doing and where we are, we normally serve a 2-course lunch which includes soup and freshly baked bread. Sometime during the afternoon we’ll have tea or coffee with fresh homemade cakes or biscuits and in the evening a candlelit 3-course dinner followed by cheese and biscuits and coffee and chocolates is served. Dietary requirements can be catered for.

What will the temperature be like and what clothes should I bring?

Scotland’s weather can be very changeable and the temperatures can drop even in the summer months. You will need a good breathable waterproof jacket and trousers and a warm fleece. Plenty of layers are better than one thick one. Good pair of walking boots essential, also a walking stick can be helpful.

On day of departure, what time and where do we board the Elizabeth G?

Normally guests join the Elizabeth G at the north pier in Oban at approx 3pm. Although luggage can be dropped off earlier to suit guests travel arrangements.

If I travel by car, where can I park it during the cruise?

You can park your car at Atlantis Leisure free of charge. Alternatively, you can park at Puffin Dive Centre (approx 1 mile out of Oban) at a cost of £1-2 per day. Or there is Stoddarts, undercover secure parking (Tel: 07799692072)

Need extra info?

If you have any enquiries about our cruises or would like an informal chat about your plans, please email using our Contact Us page. If you prefer phone Emma any-time on +44 (0) 75851 51611 or +44 (0)1631 711 986

Guest Comments

Thanks for all your efforts on our recent trip to North Rona. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the company of Sven, Heather and yourself. Please keep us informed of any future sailings of a wildlife/island visit nature.

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