Welcome onboard Hebrides Cruises for the trip of a lifetime!  So why are our small-ship cruises in the west coast of Scotland so special? 

Our Crews
We have four hand-picked crew members on board every cruise, dedicated to provide an outstanding experience for our guests. Our three Skippers, Rob, Chris and James, are permanent every season and many of our Wildlife Experts, Chefs and Bosuns have been with us for years. Our crews uphold the quality standards of our cruises and together they provide the warm, safe, stress-free and fun onboard atmosphere that our guests will never forget.

Our Vessels
Our two vessels, "Emma Jane" and "Elizabeth G", were handpicked too!  Built to cope with any sea condition in comfort and safety, they have been transformed into spacious quality accommodation, full of nautical character, for a luxury life at sea. What a treat it is for our guests to travel to the remotest corners of the Hebrides and have their luxury holiday accommodation travel with them.  (Many of our crews and guests actually express love and devotion for our vessels - but we understand!)

Onshore trips
Our guests are always accompanied onshore by a Wildlife Expert to help them explore. This is not just because its safer, but because guests get so much more out of their trip with a qualified expert to help find the wildlife and give guests a fascinating insight into the place they are setting foot upon. 

The Food
Our onboard chefs are passionate about food and the fabulous local produce of the west coast of Scotland. Chefs are free to be inspired to provide their own menus from the best ingredients available and the result is food which is exceptional, full of flavour, but healthy too. Dinner is a highlight on our cruises; the Skipper and Wildlife Guide dine with the guests and enjoy recounting the stories of the day, while discussing options for the following day's new adventures.

The Wildlife
In the clear waters of the west coast of Scotland, we are so fortunate that many wonderful species live.  We cannot guarantee wildlife will put in appearance near our vessels, which makes it extra special when it does. All our crews are passionate and knowledegable about wildlife and the natural environment; they know where to look and they read the signs to be in the right place at the right time, again and again, to give our guests the best chance to view wildlife.

The Beauty of the Landscape
The vast area of sea, coastline and islands that is the west coast of Scotland is simply exceptionately beautiful  The best way to get around is by boat and to experience the scenery is from the sea.  We offer 11 different cruises, and some of our guests have returned for over 11 years for a difference itinerary experiece each time!

Our Guests
Last but certainly not least, we are grateful that our guests are the secret ingredient to the success of our cruises. It takes a certain kind of person with a certain mindset to want to experience what we offer.  So much onboard fun and warmth is simply because of our amazing guests who help make the cruise a wonderful experience for everyone on board.